Friday, 14 March 2014

What I Wore Today

 Today I went for a casual look, with my vintage check shirt dress brought from a Brick lane vintage shop for a bargain of £5!, mixed with my Pink Floyd top and white leather boots brought from River Island in the fall. This look is my everyday causal look, I’m always lounging around watching films and designing garments for my university projects so this comfy look is ideal! How would I describe my style? I have no idea, anything that I can throw togther that’s slighty in trend but individual! 

Hope you’ve all had a wicked week!  


  1. ^ i second that!

    also, whats the meaning of your blog name?

    1. Thankyou! Well I use the phrase for f**** sake a lot and I am always wearing ripped jeans, so combine the two together and there you go :)