Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Reappearance Of Fur

Visiting Portobello Road I came across a nifty thrift shop, filled with the s/s 14 craze of ripped and faded denim but I also came across a lot of real fur shawls and coats! Over time and seasons fur is slowly becoming less used in fashion than a few years ago but the problem with fur is it will always have a hold on fashion and reappears! This statement I came across did interest me as to why fashion can never truly let go of fur.. Is it the luxurious texture and look or the opinions that actually wearing real fur in my opinion is wearing a skinned animal, many people have different opinions this fashion statement.

Could fur make another reappearance for S/S14?

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


What I Wore Today!

Today I opted for a comfy oversized check shirt mixed with a red dungaree dress and leather boots. The top pocket on the dungaree dress is actually a lifesaver for carrying sketch pencils pens and lighters. Me being a 90's kid I will never outgrow the dungaree look and high ponytail! Personally I think that since the latest trend for checked and tartan shirts they have become ridiculously over priced, that’s why all my checkered shirts are brought from Brick Lane markets for under £5….. Ill forever be a bargain hunter!

I hope youve all had a wonderful weekend x

Leather Boots brought from New Look

Friday, 14 March 2014

What I Wore Today

 Today I went for a casual look, with my vintage check shirt dress brought from a Brick lane vintage shop for a bargain of £5!, mixed with my Pink Floyd top and white leather boots brought from River Island in the fall. This look is my everyday causal look, I’m always lounging around watching films and designing garments for my university projects so this comfy look is ideal! How would I describe my style? I have no idea, anything that I can throw togther that’s slighty in trend but individual! 

Hope you’ve all had a wicked week!  

90's is creeping back

Recently I’ve noticed that the 90's is slowly creeping back with the white pvc boots, the bun pigtails and the bright colours. Mixing a few items that I had hiding in my wardrobe I collaborated this look together with 90's loving. As you can see the Irish in me is coming out with the pasty skin! 

The bag, pink jumpsuit and jacket is all from Bricklane vintage shops and the boots where brought from River Island! 

What's your 90's inspiration? 

Brick lane Street Art!

My general idea and purpose of visiting Brick lane in London was to captured some individual street style but instead I came across some wicked graffiti art! Its good to see that art can be expressed in a form of street art without becoming completely defaced and ruined! Instead Brick Lane embraces it and enjoys the street art with pride and creativity!
In my opinion I believe that street art can inspire fashion!! With the popping colors, printed bomber jackets that are in trend for summer 14, printed shirts that were in trend last Autumn etc etc… Do I think that graffiti can inspire S/S15? Only time can tell with that type of inspiration because street art is constantly evolving and becoming more recognized for art and not defacing property! But the 90’s are coming back to play this summer…

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


In the history of Chanel catwalks there has never been a mind numbing one, but this year excells them all when Karl Lagerfield turned the Grand Palais into his very own hypermarche, complete with tins of petit pois as grown in Les Jardins de Gabriel, Paris Edinburgh branded whiskey, Coco cooking oil, Chanel-stamped door mats and even power drills.
Guests were free to roam the aisles pre-show, When the tannoy announced that the Chanel shopping center was now closing, the front row leapt out of their seats and raided the shelves for all the Chanel branded groceries they could grab. This fashion show sounds completely out of control! I wonder what inspired Karl Lagerfield with this idea of a Chanel Supermarket runway?? If I was there I would completely indulge in every souveniere grocerie that I could stuff in every pocket I had.
They wore trainers and knitted orange jumpsuits, tweed covered sunglasses, cellophane wrapped handbags and sweetie bracelets created out of those interlocking Cs. Cara danced Karl around the aisles as is her way with a finale.
I am wondering could Karl Lagerfield's Chanel Aw14 inpsire S/S15 in anyway? Prehaps the pastel, soft colours, the slick back gel ponytail, the ever so tweed jackets or skirts/trousers worn with retro trainers.

What I Wore Today!

My look is a very casual, brought from the high street stores and worn to university. Living the student lifestyle I have to budget my spending, unfortunately including clothing (which is very difficult for me and my wardrobe!) so I try to throw and mix different looks together daily on a student budget! My life consists of three options: Jack Daniels, cigarettes, clothing or pop noodles. And unfortunately I will sacrifice my pop noodle for those killer pair of pumps!

I personally wouldn’t say that I am your typical girly girl, at least one item of my clothing has to be black but I do take much pride in my bright 80's themed popping nails- I simply have to have my nails maintained! Especially with the trending midi rings and ring sets, popping nails always add that little bit more attention to your hands! 

My inspiration as a child was Wednesday from the Adams family, with my black hair braided and constant gloom outlook on life I believe that took a nock on effect on my outfits today! No matter what I wear there will always be a hint of Wednesdays dark and gloom look. 

Hope youve all enjoyed this marvellous sunshine!