Wednesday, 12 March 2014


In the history of Chanel catwalks there has never been a mind numbing one, but this year excells them all when Karl Lagerfield turned the Grand Palais into his very own hypermarche, complete with tins of petit pois as grown in Les Jardins de Gabriel, Paris Edinburgh branded whiskey, Coco cooking oil, Chanel-stamped door mats and even power drills.
Guests were free to roam the aisles pre-show, When the tannoy announced that the Chanel shopping center was now closing, the front row leapt out of their seats and raided the shelves for all the Chanel branded groceries they could grab. This fashion show sounds completely out of control! I wonder what inspired Karl Lagerfield with this idea of a Chanel Supermarket runway?? If I was there I would completely indulge in every souveniere grocerie that I could stuff in every pocket I had.
They wore trainers and knitted orange jumpsuits, tweed covered sunglasses, cellophane wrapped handbags and sweetie bracelets created out of those interlocking Cs. Cara danced Karl around the aisles as is her way with a finale.
I am wondering could Karl Lagerfield's Chanel Aw14 inpsire S/S15 in anyway? Prehaps the pastel, soft colours, the slick back gel ponytail, the ever so tweed jackets or skirts/trousers worn with retro trainers.

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  1. Ugh, I am in LOVE with your blog! Also, I read about this on Fashionita, and I loved the fact that they were doing a collaboration like this.

    I'm a new reader from (: