Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A little gift from Tonic Clothing

A little surprise parcel from the company Tonic Clothing, a Uk based boutique and online shop. With 14 European brands for both men and women, the company brings a casual fashion all around the world. Selling fresh new rising Italian, Danish and French brands, such as Andy Richardson, Gaudi, Silvian and many more.. 

I decided to accessorize the dress with leather effect boots brought from Primark and a faux fur snood from New Look. This created an all black look with different textures and tones mixed together. The dress is very well made with extra lining so that the dress fits comfortably and the material is not see through, the mixed jersey with the wet look leather effect fabric gives a good mixed texture and adds a casual effect to the dress. I myself am fortunate in the booty world so the waistband on the dress does make my bum look more peachy so if you are looking for a bit more of a booty and a tiny waist look then this dress is perfect. You can either dress this dress up with fur and open toe stilettos or you can dress down the look with thick tights and chelsea boots. This stunning dress will be added to my everyday wardrobe mixed with some baggy knitted cardigans for this winters casual look.

I highly recommend Tonic Clothing for well made, lasting fabrics and trending garments.
Visit Clothing Boutique at Tonic:
309 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9QH

Or visit thier webiste and online shop: www.tonic-clothing.com

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday bunday

Sunday Bunday- my version of a relaxed Sunday surrounded by my favorite people, bubble baths, Sunday roast dinners and hibernating on the sofa in my Christmas onsie.

For the past 2 months I have hibernated on the sofa in my Christmas onsie, relaxed and watched copious amounts of box sets and downloaded films. I tend to make sure that my hair is up to date with its oil treatment to help promote growth and my toenails are freshly painted in a new nude color. Here's this weeks Sunday pamper treats. 

 Eylure pro- brow eyebrow tint to make sure that I slightly human without being plastered in makeup, I'm addicted to my eyebrow pencil so I'm trying to wean myself off the drawn on effect and have decided to grow the brows out and tint them weekly. If Cara Delevigne can socially get away with it then so can I... 

The Body shop coconut body cream and the coconut shimmer body cream- this cream just smells like summer, sun tanning and coconut oil- PERFECTION. The shimmer body cream is the exact same as the coconut body cream just adds a festive shimmer to your skin.

Soap & Glory Heel Genius- This foot cream is perfect for the weeks worn down heels of your feet but I do tend to use on my hands as well, the cream is a rich thick texture that slowly seeps into your skin.

Well that’s my Sunday beauty treats for this week,
Hope you’ve all had a lovely relaxed Sunday Bunday!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

What is the secet to Kylie Jenners pillowy pout?

Ok girls we all know there is one gift from the gods above and that’s makeup, we all use some more than others but thank our lucky stars that there is concealer to cover up our unwanted blemishes, dark circles, pimples or like me every crater on your face.

I share a few similarities with Kylie Jenner, dark hair and oversized eyes but most of all our thin upper lip- or at least we used to. Recently however, Kylies appearance has changed and wouldn’t yours if your purse was as full as hers? I know I would. And while thousands have accused the 17-year-old beauty of pumping her lips with injections to transform her pillowy pout, Kylie insists it is all thanks to the clever use of make-up to ‘overline’ the outline of her mouth. But can it really be possible to look so drastically different with just a lip liner trick? I put it to the test with just the brand MUA’s caramel nougat, intense color lip liner and totally nude matte lipstick.

Please be aware that I am not a professional makeup artist, just a girl with a thin upper lip problem. 

Before lip liner and lipstick.
As you can see without blending this does look completely over the top, but once blended shown in the photo below thr end result is a lot more natural! 

End Result after much blending- lips look much fuler all without surgery!